Steer Clear Of Black Hat Google Places Optimization Strategies
If you’re a site owner, then you have probably begun to realize that there is much to learn in the field of Google Places Optimization Strategies. Realize that anything that produces good results is going to take time. It is a building process in which you must use a combination of many useful techniques. You don’t want to use any strategies that are frowned upon or against the rules and regulation of the different search engines. This will end up finding you falling in the listings and perhaps even black listed. Continue reading to learn more about this, and make sure you steer clear of these black hat Google Places Optimization strategies.

Advanced Google Places Optimization Strategies

Google Places Optimization StrategiesYou never want to utilize duplicate or plagiarized content. This includes content that is somewhere else on your site, and it also includes content that is on anyone else’s site. Duplicating content doesn’t bode well for you when it comes to the search engine spiders. They will notice it, and it will work against you.

You also no longer want to have anything to do with keyword stuffing. This is putting keywords into content everywhere just to climb the rankings, even if it doesn’t make sense or sound grammatically correct. Search engines have cracked down on this immensely. You must not exceed a keyword density of over five percent. You must provide quality content with keywords in the right places. You also don’t want to use keywords that are irrelevant to your site and content. Many people used to use keywords that were unrelated but highly search-able. This would get their site noticed but by whom? It definitely wouldn’t be their targeted audience. It used to gain them extra exposure, but search engines won’t allow it anymore.

In the same sense, you don’t want to have anything to do with link farms either. Instead, you want to make sure each page to your site is relevant. You also want to make sure all back links are relevant as mentioned previously. You don’t need all these landing pages that don’t make any sense to your site. People often group this strategy with the keyword stuffing, and it will find you in hot water quick with the search engines. You want to make profits, not lose them.

Two other strategies that are often used and shouldn’t be are title stacking and concealing text. You don’t want to hide text so that people can’t see it but the spiders can. This will index your site further, but it will be caught fast. The new rules do not allow for this, and the spiders will catch it. Obviously, viruses wouldn’t be a good idea, but people still use this technique as well. Don’t make the mistake of doing this.

You want to climb up the search engine rankings, not down! You especially don’t want to find out that your site got banned. Follow the tips explained here about what not to do so that you can make sure you are in the right as you pursue your Google Places Optimization efforts.

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